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Carroll Genealogy and Information

Carroll Bios

Carroll Bios

John D. Carroll * * * Kate Aubry Carroll * * * Maria Carroll * * * Richmond Taylor Carroll

John D. Carroll

Date Place
Birth 20 Feb 1808 Hancock County, Georgia
Marriage 1852-1854 ?
Death 7 Jul 1885 Freestone County, Texas


Mississippi (1858)


John D. Carroll is the father of Kate Aubry Carroll (1858-1889) and Richmond Taylor Carroll (1859-1934). John married Hannah Lea.

In the 1860 census of Yalobusha County, Mississippi, John Douglas Carroll has "Ternalah" (Hannah Lea), age 38, in his household along with Maria, age 5, Kate, age 3, and Richmond, age 9 months. I am not certain that this John Douglas Carroll is the same man as the John D. Carroll who is Kate's father, but I believe he is. I might have found Maria in the Freestone County, Texas marriage books as Mariah W. Carroll who married James L. Cook. I haven't found any marriage records for John D. Carroll and Hannah Lea. He was married three times previously.

Richmond Taylor Carroll

Date Place
Birth Nov 1859 Yalobusha County?, Mississippi
Marriage 21 Jul 1878 Freestone County, Texas
Death 14 April 1934 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas


Yalobusha County, Mississippi (1859-1860)
Freestone County, Texas (1878-1880)
Dallas County, Texas (1934)


Richmond Taylor Carroll married Johnny Vaden Wigley in 1878. Richmond is brother to Kate Aubry Carroll who married Almarine Vandiver Wigley (Johnny Vaden Wigley's brother) two weeks earlier in the same county.

He died at age 74 in Dallas. His obituary appeared in a Dallas paper.

Richmond and Johnny had at least eight children:

Maria Carroll

Date Place
Birth 1854 Yalobusha County, Mississippi?
Marriage 18 Jul 1872? Freestone County, Texas
Death ? ?


Yalobusha County, Mississippi (1854 - 1860)
Freestone County, Texas (1872)


Maria Carroll is the sister of Kate Aubry Carroll who married Almarine Vandiver Wigley.

A marriage is listed in Freestone County, Texas for Mariah W. Carroll and James L. Cook on 18 July 1872. Minister W.H. Park officiated. I am not sure if this the same Maria, but I think it is.

Kate Aubry Carroll

Date Place
Birth 1858 Mississippi
Marriage 7 Jul 1878 Freestone County, Texas
Death 1889 Gail, Borden County, Texas


Mississippi (1858-1860)
Freestone County, Texas (1878-1888)
Borden County, Texas (1889)


Kate Aubry Carroll, daughter of John D. Carroll and Hannah Lea, married Almarine Vandiver Wigley (1855-1946) in 1878.

Kate and Almarine had six children:

The first five children were born in Freestone County, Texas. Kate died in childbirth or shortly thereafter while traveling in West Texas. Her infant child died with her and is buried in the cemetery in Gail.

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