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Harrell Genealogy and Information

Harrell Bios * * * Maury County Land Deed

Harrell Bios

Josiah Harrell * * * Malinda Eveline Harrell * * * Peter Harrell * * * Seth Graves Harrell

Josiah Harrell

Date Place
Birth 1770-1775 ?
Marriage before 1802 ?
Death 1830-1850 Tennessee or Alabama


North Carolina (1802)
Maury County, Tennessee (1818-1830)


Josiah Harrell is the father of Seth Graves Harrell and possibly also of Peter Harrell. In the 1820 census of Maury County, Tennessee, Josiah age 45 or more and Sarah age 45 or more are listed with one male age 18-26 (probably Seth) and one male under age 10 residing in the household. In the 1830 census of Maury County, Josiah and Sarah are both age 50-60, with eight children under the age of 10 and one woman 20-30 in their household. In the 1850 census of Marion County, Alabama, Sarah is living in the household of Seth.

Josiah Harrell deeds some land to Seth Graves Herald and Peter Herald in this land deed. Josiah is also found in court records building a road. His sons, Peter and Graves, are enlisted to help with the labor.

Seth Graves Harrell

Date Place
Birth 23 Mar 1802 North Carolina
Marriage about 1828 Maury County, Tennessee
Death 26 May 1882 LeFlore County, Oklahoma


North Carolina (1802)
Maury County, Tennessee (1825-1831)
Marion County, Alabama (1834-1860)
LeFlore County, Oklahoma (1869-1882)


Seth Graves Harrell, son of Josiah Harrell, was born in 1802 in North Carolina, probably in the Jones County area. He married Mourning Desdemona Fonvielle about 1828. He was a Methodist preacher for 44 years (1838-1882) and was a minister to the Choctaws for at least part of that time(1877-1882). Seth Graves Harrell was licensed to preach in the Methodist church in 1839. He was ordained deacon in 1844 and elder in 1850.

Seth is buried next to Mourning in Hall Cemetery near Cameron, Oklahoma. His tombstone has a Mason symbol at the top and says: "Minister of the ME Church South 44 Ys." His epitaph reads: "I have glorified thee on the earth. I have finished the work which thou gavest me."

Seth and Mourning had eleven children:

Sarah and Joseph were born in Maury County, Tennessee. The other nine children were born in Marion County, Alabama.

Peter Harrell

Date Place
Birth 1794-1802 ?
Marriage about 1820 ?
Death 1825-1828 ?


Maury County, Tennessee (1820-1825)


Peter Harrell is the son of Josiah Harrell. In a Maury County land deed dated February 1825, Josiah Harrell deeds 203 acres to Seth Graves Harrell and Peter Harrell. Around 1820, Peter married Nancy, whose maiden name is unknown at this time. Peter died about 1826.

Peter and Nancy had four children:

All four of the children were born in Maury County, Tennessee. They grew up in Wayne County, Tennessee, where their stepfather, Dempsey Taylor, settled. Nancy died there on 11 Sep 1838.

Malinda Eveline Harrell

Date Place
Birth 1834 Marion County, Alabama
Marriage 1853 Marion County, Alabama
Death 1889 Freestone County, Texas


Marion County, Alabama (1834-1867)
Freestone County, Texas (1872-1889)


Malinda Eveline Harrell, third child of Seth Graves Harrell (1802-1882) and Mourning Desdemona Fonvielle (1806-1878), married Solomon Walker Wigley in 1853.

Malinda and Solomon had six children:

The first five children were born in Marion County, Alabama. Milton was born in Freestone County, Texas.

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